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Colors of the heart
Love/Color Bars
22nd-Dec-2007 01:59 am - OMFGeass! an UPDATE! *.*
Maru and I, your irresponsable captain who lost all interest in making love bars (Didnt even make one ^^") decided to do something else...
A Mural.
I really dont know how we are going to organize it all but who cares XD
So we plan on making this mural a 20 steps one, and each one of us gets 2 (thats half if you are good at math ^^) so yeah
450X400 px because I got greedy
And then you spilt your thingie so its 2 parts
One is: 350x400 and the other one is 100x400
And if you add that up is again 450x300 :3
My math rocks!

So that is my step, my first one, but I bet not a lot of you got the idea so see it like this now:
Photobucket Photobucket
Now it all makes sense right?
So Maru takes the little 100X400 img and stick it to her step and mixes/blends it with whatever she wants and then she gives me the final 100X400 of her step and we go on and on till we are done ^^

My first step is lovely and radioactive, love the colors! \^.^/ Next time I'll make something prettier ^^"

Oh I didnt invent this! XD
I stole it from one awesome tcg im in :3
Its called Psychodelic and I will make sure I give you all a link so you go and join and collect cards and play the awesome Mural game :3

Click here so it all makes senseCollapse )
It's my soul
18th-Jun-2007 06:32 pm - heart_colors For ya Biotch!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A lot of things comming here soon.
Hello, Im Pam, I shall be your annoying compulsive poster queen as of now on because:

1. I enjoy making random icons and such
2. Im an obsesive person
3. Im married to my fellow owners
4. Im the irresponsable captain of this ship matey!
5. When im bored I like to write and do more random stuff ^^
6. Im fun and lovable and if you dont love me I will either hack or eat your brain be sad

Allow me to introduce to you my crew of pirates argh!

rockingwitch is the last iconbender of the rebellion. She is made out of genious, sugar, and cute bunnies. I lurve her. ^-^ if you make her sad she will destroy the world because she is God. I call her Maruhi because is a good day when we get together. She is more original than your old average past God's. The world is what it is because she is not bored enough of your common skillz yet so she decided to help everyone on becoming the model she is in my amazing pirate crew of doom, cats, pr0n, cookies. She is the captain's captain captain in captainness! :)

Then there is undini and if you dont know who he is yo, you are like so NOT cool >.>, he is so undiniliciously undini that he is the perfect example of what being undini is! So yeah! If you are not undini enough to apreciate his undininess go be NONundini somewhere else biotch!
He is from the undini land of Clamp and is made of coloring mad skillz. He has a killer iconstyle and if you mess with him I will go all Yuuko like fighting style pay the price on your butt >.>
undini was raised with Mokona's in a really undini island and is capable of creating many kinds of unique OMFG stuff.

I am genkiness if you know whats better for you dont come here and say bad things about my crew of sturdy rebels or I will do Clampish things to you like riping and eye out with my magic light bankai skills while iconmaking! or kill you with my neonic beam of shinyness and butterflies! (meaning I lurve shiny icons and to experiment with all kinds of messy stuff) I eat Gackt 3 times a day, as well as my random lover of the momment, so expect to see a lot of variety from me, the funny thing is once I love something, I love it forever... I have a big heart :) pr0n and crack icons are also part of a healthy pirate diet :)

So this is my introductory post, wich will soon be remodeled with awesomeness.
If you ever wondered why heart_colors? well Noob! we're not telling ya! XD

heart_colors sort of came up from our love for UVERworld's song colors of the heart, and Lj being all prissy and not taking the entire colors_of_the_heart name , too many _ anyways, so we chose to name it simply heart_colors because is adorable, sweet, and represents us. We are all sort of human thus eat have hearts, but we are all unique and have different colors *insert all sweet hugs here please*

So yeah, here we are on or mother ship of disaster! ^.^
Please love us with all of your heart_colors
It's my soul
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